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Sami Khawaja
Oct 27, 2020
Asaamualekum to all my brothers. I pray that all my akhi’s are doing in best of their health. This is Sami Ayub Khawaja from Kashmir. By profession, I am a civil engineer and working around in construction industry. Allahamdulillah, It was at the age of 20-21 that my curiosity towards Islamic history began ranging from the conquests of Khalid bin Waleed to Liberation of Jerusalem by Salah-Ud-Din Ayubi. Mehmed Fatih:1453,Omar Series, Ahmed Bin Hambal, The lion of desert are some of the names I have watched. It’s seems like the world started watching Dirilus Ertugrul in this lockdown but I had already Started watching the series back in Feb 2017 while exploring the ottomon empire. I was so much impressed with the Ertugrul that I took classes for Turkish. The thing that pains me whenever I read about islamic history is that all the sultans in the history of Muslim world were so much God Fearing, Intelligent, Courageous & world class Diplomats in spreading the islam. Starting with Battle of Badr (313 vs 1003 ), The conquest of Yarmouk, Battle of Hattin and the Conquest of Constantinople are some of the battles that have my heart to it. At times, I often Imagine the amount of Contribution that muslims have given to this capitalist run world order. Furthermore, Allhamdulillah I am in process of Understanding Quran with tafseer and side by side learning arabic language . In sha allah, if life remains I have a dream to pursue the Islamic Studies degree from Oxford. Jazakallah Khairan

Sami Khawaja

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