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The Islamic History Institute promotes an original, educational and objective perspective of the Islamic past. Our videos, books, research papers, courses and other learning resources are privately funded. We welcome contributions from our audience in order to enable us to grow, improve and continue this work. 

Post Production


Videos, Podcast and Courses

Contribute towards the production and publication of more educational videos and lecture series on various themes and subject of Islamic history

Green Typewriter


Books, Articles and Posters

Contribute towards the research, editorial and publication of new articles, research papers and downloadable books on Islamic history

Programming Console


Website, Forum and Database

Contribute towards the maintenance and continual development of this platform to ensure that our resources are always secure and available to our global audience.  

You can be a part of our success and partake in our legacy driven projects by contributing towards the maintenance and development of our programs and resources which are of benefit to audiences across the world.

We provide varied forms of educational content by producing audio visual resources with a wide variety of subjects, themes and presentation styles. Our work is independently created and we are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and objectivity.

You can support this historic endeavor by making a one-time donation or by opting into


a monthly or annual pledge. We appreciate all and any contributions to help us continue

our work as an independent team without having to rely on advertisers or


public organisations.

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