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You have come to the right platform if you are an Islamic History lover seeking to find an uninterrupted and uncompromising source of learning and information. We do not place adverts on our content nor do we suppress information in order to appease an algorithms and there are no click-bait titles on this platform.

The Islamic History Institute is an independent online platform that serves to educate modern Muslims about key and important historical themes and subjects that may otherwise not be easily accessible in print or online. We strive to deliver high quality and objective information through our platform and learning resources.

The Islamic History Institute offers visual, audio and written resources in order to cater to every learning style. Our platform and resources are entirely non-profit driven and we are able to cover all the operating expenses with the help of individual supporters and registered members who have enlisted onto our online course series.

Our work is multi-generational and provides a unique service for the global community, by virtue of the fact that we are entirely independent and therefore do not depend on social media platforms that are governed by major corporate interests, we are able to maintain a very high level of professionalism, objectivity and integrity in everything that we present to our audience.


Our videos are not subject to censorship or copyright infringements which means that we can offer more uncompromising content directly to our audience without having to comply with the restrictive policies and intrusive codes of conduct that are imposed on many content providers currently delivering their videos and resources on public sharing platforms.

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The Islamic History Institute promotes an original, educational and objective perspective of the Islamic past. Our videos, books, research papers, courses and other learning resources are privately funded. We welcome contributions from our audience in order to enable us to grow, improve and continue this work. 

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